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Beers and Ciders for 2017 – To be confirmed


Beers and Ciders for 2016

Local Beers

(Cotswold Lion Brewery, Severn Vale Brewing Co. and Cotswold Spring Brewing Co.)

Shepherds Delight 3.6% One of those lovely light beers, crisp & full of citrousy flavours A perfect summer session beer.

Hogget 3.8% A slightly un traditional best bitter with plenty of fruit, citrus and a hint of spice to accompany the malt.

Golden Fleece 4.4% Packed with citrus grapefruity flavours. The perfect beer for spicy food. Unlike some IPA’s this cannot be used as paint stripper.

Nibley Ale 3.8% Pale and hoppy.

Best in Show 4.2% One for your granddad! a traditional best bitter that makes you proud to be British. A walk along an English hedgerow in Autumn, Plenty of blackberry fruit with a hint of honey.

Severn Sins 5.2% Packed-full Stout.

Stunner 4.0% Golden and hoppy.

Codger 4.2% A chestnut balanced Beer with a subtle hoppy finish.

Drovers Return 5.0% A strong Ruby coloured premium bitter. Just enough hop to keep it interesting, but lets the malt shine trough. Best with pies & stew.

Dursley Steam Bitter 4.2% A deep gold balanced Beer with a subtle hoppy finish.

Other Beers

Pale #39 3.9% is brewed using a combination of pale malts and aromatic hops to produce a lighter bodied, but still fully flavoured Pale Ale. The citrus and grapefruit flavours of this well-hopped ale shine through, leading to a crisp, zesty, refreshing finish.

Jackal 4.2% A traditional style porter made with four different malts, giving a subtle spicy aroma and a lingering finish.

Pride 3.9% A crisp and clean pale session bitter utilising German and American hops. Low mellow bitterness and a hint of tropical fruit on the aroma.

Limelight 4.5% This super refreshing pale ale was brewed with Citra and Cascade hops, to give flavours and aromas of grapefruit and orange. We then added the freshly grated zest of a few hundred limes.

Blue Sky Drinking 4.4%  Well balanced tawny best bitter. Its full bodied malty backbone is balanced by delicate citrus notes, not usually associated with English hops, and a clean bitter finish.

Joya 4.8%  Classic Golden Ale, crisp and light and hopped to perfection.

Snake Eye 3.8%  Pale Ale. Grapefruit, orange, citrus aromas and flavours, good malt balance. Dry and drinkable. Fruity finish. Biscuit malt character.

Endless Summer 4.0% An American hopped session IPA using Mosaic and Simcoe hops.

Indian Summer 5.9%  All English IPA with long bitterness (suitable for Vegans.

Session IPA 4.5% An IPA, brewed to a lower ABV, but well-hopped, including Galaxy, Chinook and Mosaic. (suitable for Vegans).

Brighton Belle 4.6%  Pale amber bitter. Fresh floral hops notes, spicy orange, crisp grapefruit and a hint of caramel.

Summer 3.7%  A clean, fresh, golden ale brewed with Australian ‘Summer’ hops to give a burst of sunshine and a hint of exotic fruit.

Archer 4.0% In hops we trust. Packed with three of the biggest-hitting USA hops., this American style IPA punches above its ABV.

Marion 3.8%  A full bodied pale ale with light citrus hop and bitterness. A true session ale with a biscuit malt finish.

Roget 3.5%  A Dark Mild with a hint of chocolate. Fruity undertones lead to a smooth finish.

Green Pear 4.4% Green-hopped pale ale, using Goldings First Choice hops.

Moho 4.3%  Robust & aromatic Welsh Pale ale, finely balanced for a full on flavour treat.

Cowry Teffi 4.5%  Full Bodied malt driven best bitter with a well balanced and pleasant hop finish.

Bootleg Beer 4.2%  American style session IPA with big hop flavours.

Zigzag 4.5%  A warm velvety stout, with a deep rich roasted malt flavour.

Raw 4.3%  This is the untraditional Best Bitter done the Moor way with extra flavour. Stripped down and uncompromising. Unfined & naturally hazy.

Union’Hop 4.1%  Honeydew Melon, citrus, apricot & peach hops with a honey malt character. Light to let the hops shine.

Pershore Pale Ale 4.5% A classic India Pale Ale, using English pale and crystal malts and Golding and Fuggles hops. This Pale Ale is amber in colour, has a delicate yet classic rounded flavours and light floral aroma. This is a refreshing pale ale providing a refreshing hoppy taste.

Summertime 3.8% A Golden ale, gently mashed with pure pale malts and using 3 varieties of hops – Goldings, Fuggles and Northdown. This is a light and refreshing ale, reminding us of a warm sunny day, no matter what time of year you enjoy it.

Glaslyn 4.2% Premium Bitter. SEE – Yellow Straw SMELL – Lemon, Pineapple, Mango. TASTE – Sweet, Tropical Fruits, Smooth. Bitter 3/5 Sweet 3/5.

Union Foundry Ale 4.0%  Very pale, light-bodied ale.

Sunsplash 4.0% Pale golden in colour bags of fruit and hop flavours. One to look out for. Moorish.

Ramsberry 4.2% A golden beer infused with raspberry.

Stateless 3.9%  A classic English session ale brewed with three classic American hops, producing a rounded pale ale packed with the citrus, pine and grapefruit notes that you expect from Cascade, Columbus and Chinook hopsaiting tasting notes from brewer.

Smokeless 5.7% A surprisingly approachable smoked porter, velvet smooth with a robust malt backbone. This is infused with Chipotles to give even more smokiness and a subtle hint of heat.

Blackberry Cascade 4.8% American style pale ale, hopped with Cascade and Centennial hops. Infused with a hint of Blackberries.

Hazelnut Coffee Porter 4.6% A smooth, dark red porter with German malts and hops. Additions of fresh ground coffee and roast hazelnut syrup give this speciality beer, depth and complexity.

Danish Dynamite 5.0%  A light golden, dry, strong ale, slightly fruity with a well balanced hop flavour and bitterness – simply a Top Class Beer which has won several major beer festivals.

Great Dane 4.6%  A light golden premium cask lager brewed using only the finest quality of Stonehenge Spring Water, barley and light crystal malts, whole lager hops and lager yeast. The beer is fermented and “lagered” at low, controlled temperatures. This is a top quality beer without any brewing adjuncts at all. The result is a clean, crisp and refreshing Real Premium Lager with a nice bitter aftertaste that lingers on.

Slap in the Face 4.0% Hoppy blonde ale. Generously hopped with summit and chinook. Refreshing grapefruit and tangerine flavours.

Kuruji the Demon Ninja 5.2% This black IPA is packed with fruity hops, strength and a subtle malty backbone.

Altered Beast 5.0% This unique yeast gives the beer a massive but incredibly clean, complex malt sweetness, a subtle hop aroma and crisp finish.Caramel in colour and light but malty. The perfect pint as summer slips into autumn!

Juicy 4.8%  Be transported by this, the most delicious golden ale, filled with the juiciest hops we could find – offering nearly as many mouth-watering flavours as those countless sweetie jars stacked high above your head years ago.

Sixteen 6.0% Quadruple hopped with some of Europe`s finest greenery. Belgian speciality malts and a European Union of hops all presided over by a Brussels Abbey Ale Yeast; brewed on the site of an Augustinian Abbey.

Thirteen 4.5%  Hops from around the Pacific meet on a raft of Amber Red Malts.


Blackcurrant Cider 4.0%  Lightly sweet aroma. Taste has a very light blackcurrant influence, with a rich cider taste and tangy astringency.

Golden Drop 5.0% Golden Drop is a refreshing, slightly cloudy, medium cider made from Worcestershire cider apples blended with Red Falstaff dessert fruit, for a fruity finish.

Sweet Kernel 4.5% Sweet Kernel is an easy drinking smooth and sweet cider made from blending our finished cider with apple juice. It is well balanced, light and refreshing with a distinctive apple flavour.

Horn Blower 4.0% A botanical blend of classical Indian chai spices. Perfect as a summer cooler or to warm the winter cockles. Surely Horatio’s favourite tipple when on the high seas.

No Bull 4.5% No Bull Medium Cider is orange-brown in colour and has an appley aroma together with some vanilla tones. A smooth but sweet toffee-apple taste leads to mild tannins on the aftertaste and a rounded finish. An easy-to drink medium sweet cider that would appeal to most ciderdrinkers.

Apple Jack Golden 4.8% A crisp clean natural medium sweet cider with a modern taste.

Devon Mist 4.5% Devon Mist is a gentle joy packed full of Devon’s finest cider apples such as Browns, Tremlett’s Bitter and Sweet Copin.

Devon Red 4.5% A medium cider with a subtle complexity and a pure bittersweet finish.

Tumbledown Dry 5.2%  An easy-drinking dry cider.

Traditional 4.4%  A bright, golden, easy-drinking cider; a real thirst quencher for those rare summer days.

Rosie’s Pig 4.8% An easy drinking cloudy cider with a fresh apple flavour with hints of citrus and spice.

Crooked Branch 5.0% Aromas of ripe toffee apples and a hint of cut grass. Gentle sweetness, and a refreshing green apple tang to finish.

Thrown Hat 5.0% Aromas of ripe apples and caramel, gentle sweetness, and a refreshing green apple tang to finish.

Tumpy Ground 7.0%  Aromas of blackberry leaf, melon and pineapple following onto the palate with rich, mouth-filling apple, a hint of tropical fruits and a full body. Plentiful soft tannins and a gentle sweetness to the finish. An unusual and distinctive cider.

Dorothy’s Orchard 7.0% Cider made with dessert fruit. A very fruit driven style, with relatively low tannin, but good body.

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