Beers & Ciders

Beers and Ciders for 2018

Local Beers

Shepherds Delight 3.6% One of those lovely light beers, crisp & full of citrousy flavours A perfect summer session beer.

Golden Fleece 4.4% Packed with citrus grapefruity flavours. The perfect beer for spicy food. Unlike some IPA’s this cannot be used as paint stripper.

Drovers Return 5.0% A strong Ruby coloured premium bitter. Just enough hop to keep it interesting, but lets the malt shine trough. Best with pies & stew.

Raven Porter 5.3% A lovely smooth, indulgent porter that slips down easily, with a intriguing complexity and depth. Brewed with Maris Otter, crystal and chocolate malts.

Spark Pale 5.3% A fantastic, refreshing pale ale with a zesty bite. Brewed with Maris Otter malt, Citra and Columbus hops.

Legend of Hillside 4.7% Great English IPA with honey, orange and spicy notes, leaving you wanting more.

Other Beers

Bad Kitty  5.5%   A 5.5% chewy chocolate-vanilla dream of a porter.

Barbe Rouge  4.0%   A single hopped ale brewed only using Barbe Rouge hops from France. This is a golden blonde ale with aromatic hints of summer fruits, a medium bitterness which is fruity with subtle hints of strawberries, and a good bitter finish

Beatlejuice 4.8%   A juicy, tropical sweetie jar wonder! Packed full of the juiciest hops we could find. The super fruity and super ripe flavours are elevated to juicy extremes with real fruit and purées. Mouth watering passion fruit, mango and pineapple flavours explode in your mouth like popping candy, so moreish, so drinkable, so juicy!

Blonde 4.0%   A straw coloured light ale with soft malt flavours, delicately hopped with Czech and German hop varieties.

Brothers in Arms #3   4.3%   Collaboration brew from North Riding, Great Heck, Revolutions, and Five Towns. Styrian Pale Ale, single hopped with Wolf for intense fruity flavours and aromas.

Cascade Pale  4.8%   American style pale ale with the floral aromas and strong bitterness of Cascade and Centennial hops.

Chopper  3.8%   Very pale Yorkshire style session beer brewed with English and Slovenian hops and dry hopped with Chinook for an extra luscious aroma.

Clash  4.5%   Coffee, chocolate and roasted malt flavours are rounded off with a distinct but balanced US hop finish

Cwtch  4.6%   It isn’t your average bitter – the hops do more to this deep amber coloured beer than just provide bite. Any old hop can do that! We’ve selected some of the most aromatic and tangy hops from the other side of the pond to give this red a fresh hit that complements the caramel flavours of the malts that gives this beer its colour. Drinkability and balance makes this beer.

Deviant  5.6%   Dynamically hopped super charged pale ale. Each batch fuses the same base beer but a different selection of precisely chosen and rare hops.

Donkey Lashers  4.8%   A refreshing mouth watering fruity ale with the taste of Magnum hops, perfect for warm sunny days.

Dove from Above  5.0%   “Eur-ee-ka-ka-ka! It’s a beautiful hop we’ve been excited to use and looking for the right beer to launch it in. Paired it with French Aramis as a Dual Hop Series Beer. Aramis too is full of aroma but very different from the dank, resinous Eureka and the two have created a unique blend of flavours. Loaded Amber and Cara Malt into the bill for this one to give a deep golden colour and added buscuity character. Go get it! “

Dragon Slayer  4.5%   A straw coloured beer with a good balance ofl malt and hop flavours and a creamy finish hops challenger and cascade.

English Pale 3.9%   A clean yeast profile allows the hops to come to the fore. Traditional spicy notes from East Kent Goldings and underlying fruitiness from First Gold hops, with a robust bitter finish.

Golden Acre  4.0%   A single malt golden ale made from Maris Otter barley and combined with US and Australian bittering hops to produce a refreshing ale with a zesty citrus flavour.

Henrietta  3.6%   Our Henrietta is a clean-tasting, delicate golden ale, brewed with German Hallertau Brewers Gold which contribute notes of honeysuckle and fresh hay.

Holderness Dark  4.3%   A stronger, modern version of the mild ale that was once the staple alcoholic drink in many parts of the country. Deep chestnut with aromas of sweet toffee and grassy hops. Sweet chocolate malt and hazelnut on the mouth with a long satisfying finish. Brewed with Pilgrim (UK), Northern Brewer (Germany) and Amarillo (US) hops.

Hopoholic  4.0%   Welcome to your new favourite beer! Originally brewed as a one-off, this hoppy pale ale has multiple additions of EKG, Pioneer, Celeia and Challenger throughout the boil and then dry hopped to tropical fruity insanity with Galaxy whole leaf hops during maturation… give in to hopoholism!

La Soleil  4.5%   Heaps of pale malt goodness is balanced by just the right amount of bitterness from Aurora. Late hopped with US Cascade and dried bitter orange peel, our fruity session pale ale is perfect for glorious laidback afternoons.

Magnum Mild 4.5%   Multi award winning strong full bodied premium mild

Marquee  5.4%   Rich, golden IPA made with four juicy US hop varieties.

Morello Bordello 5.2%   Porter, Dark as the night with cheeky flavours of cherry.

Mosaic 4.0%   Heavily hopped Session Pale Ale, brewed with the intention of showcasing the hop variety selected. A refreshing and easy drinking beer with floral and tropical fruit flavours and aromas – Gluten Free

Old Sailor 4.9%   SIBA award winning American style golden pale ale packed with hops for tropical flavours and a hoppy aroma.

Oohlala  4.2%   An amber beer brewed with mainly Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt and a touch of Crystal Malt and Munich is balanced by sweet, spicy notes with hints of citrus from the French hop Aramis….oh and the zest of 60 lemons.

Piffle Snonker 3.8%   Light blonde beer with a floral nose and sweet start but with a bitter finish.

Pricky Back Otchan  4.2%   A hoppy golden bitter combining Pilgrim (UK), Northern Brewer (Germany) and Cascade hops (US), with a small amount of crystal and wheat malt, to produce a wonderfully robust beer with a beautiful depth of smooth malt flavour and a hint of sweet citrus on the nose.

Richterscale   4.1%   A Rich Golden Ale, grapefruit infused with a floral citrus aroma.

Riverside Stout 4.8%   A classic Oatmeal Stout developed on the bank of the Singapore River in 1997 by a master brewer friend, and personalised by us in Erdington: ‘micronized’ oats and a hint of Weyermann’s smoked malt give it its perfect finish.

Russet  4.3%   A great early Autumn beer, Russet is red in colour with an intricate malt flavour and a dry spice, fruit finish.

Session IPA   4.5%   STYLE: Session India Pale Ale TASTE: Resinous & full bodied AROMA: Juicy tropical fruit

Shefford Old Dark  5.0%   A rich, fruity flavoured dark beer with caramel flavours

Snake Eyes 3.8%   English pale ale, dry, with citrus aromas and flavours, a biscuit malt character and a fruity finish.

Trafalgar  4.0%   Extra pale ale with moderate bitterness but packed with tons of exotic, fruity flavours and aromas. Featuring heaps of Columbus hops late in the boil and Nelson Sauvin during fermentation.

VIctoria Pale  3.8%   Originally brewed by the Museum brewery to meet demand for a fuller bodied yet lower alcohol light ale. Victoria Ale was brewed in honour of Queen Victoria. Light but unexpectedly full-flavoured with a rich golden colour and pleasant mellow finish.

West Coast Red  4.8%   STYLE: American Red Ale TASTE: Malty, herbal & fruit AROMA: Caramel, fruity & bold hops

Wheat  4.4%   German Wheat Beer, Fruity gold and well-rounded.

Whistling Sands  3.9%   A smooth golden ale with a fruity finish.

Wiltshire Weiss  4.5%   German Wheat Beer.

Wolf of North Street  4.3%   Sweet tropical fruits, complex aromas of mango and elderflower. Must be a NZ Pale? Nope! Dual hopped with two Slovenian hops: Styrian Cardinal and Styrian Wolf. Showing European hops can make a banger of a hoppy pale, balanced with background bitterness and biscuit malt.



Black Fox  7.0% Med/Dry  Dunkertons Organic Black Fox cider has fragrant notes of traditional cider apple varieties which we have carefully blended together to give a deliciously robust cider leaving your mouth full of lively sweet and tangy after tastes.  Translucent in colour with light golden honey hues.

Blush  4.5% Blackberry  A fruity, medium cider with added blackberry. Inspired by the popularity of our sparkling ‘Devon Blush’ we have combined blackberry and apple again – a match made in heaven!

Chilli Ginger  4.0% Spicy   Medium fruity cider, with a ginger flavor and a gingerninja, spicy kick!

Cracklin’ Rosie 4.5% Perry  Bronze Medal winner at GLINTCAP 2018, Celtic Marches Perry is made from 100% pressed pear juice. It is a medium perry and the taste is fine and delicate. It is light in colour with a very slight green hue.

Dabinett  5.8% SIngle   From Dabinett variety apples, this cider is sophisticated with a subtle spicy apple finish.

Dark Cider the Moon  4.0% Dark   Play to your dark side with this cider. Savour the rich, fruity tang of sloeberries blended with Somerset cider apples.

Freak Show  4.5% Med   Twisted kicks of bittersweet cider apple give this medium cider that freaky feel. Through the depths of cloudy apple goodness, the freak reveals itself to the echoes of a distant past, to real cider’s glory days. Medium, cloudy, freaky.

Haystack  6.2% Med   A lovely appley aroma, using a blend of apples from Harry’s orchard including the classic Dabinett variety.

Jester  4.0% Citrus  Orchard Pig’s Jester cider is a perfect match for longer, lighter days with it’s summery citrus bursts of orange and lemon. Serve with a slice of each and enjoy this tangy twist.

Knights Malvern  6.0% Med   Our award winning medium dry reserve cider Malvern Gold has been crafted by our Master Cider Maker from a blend of bittersweet apples including Yarlington Mill, Harry Master’s Jersey, Dabinett and Kingston Black, all picked from our local Herefordshire orchards.

Old Harry Rocks  6.0% Vintage Dry  Organic dry vintage cider. Never has a cider with more maturity and character been exposed to the public taste buds.

Old Kirton  6.0% Dry  An amazing insight into how Devon cider would have tasted in bygone centuries. Straw pressed on a traditional single screw press and fermented to dryness, resulting in crisp cider with great structure and pure apple and citrus flavours.

Silly Ewe  4.5% Dry   Taste the sense in this down to earth cider. Silly Ewe Dry Cider is very light brown in colour with oak and apples in the aroma. Packed full of rich apple flavours that provide a dry, tannic aftertatste.

Traditional  6.5% Med/Dry  A delicious, appley still cider.

Two Trees  4.5% Perry  A pale, fruity perry with an aroma of fruit and a hint of honey on the palate. We’re proud to say that Two Trees was crowned 2015 Champion Perry of Britain. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs. Contains sulphites.



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